Handmade leather football with a classic hexagonal and pentagonal patch pattern.

Ball No. 3

Number of Panels: 26

Material: Bronzed Leather

Ball Size: 5

Introducing my latest handcrafted creation, the Total-90 Inspired Football. Drawing inspiration from the iconic Nike Total-90 design, this ball combines meticulous craftsmanship with a classic aesthetic to deliver a truly unique piece.

The Craftsmanship

This football is made from high-quality genuine leather, offering both a luxurious feel and exceptional durability. The design features a total of 26 panels: 12 pentagons, 8 hexagons, and 6 double hexagons. Each panel has been carefully hand-cut and expertly hand-stitched, ensuring precision and longevity.

The Inspiration

The Total-90 Inspired Football is a homage to one of the most beloved football designs. By incorporating 12 pentagons, 8 hexagons, and 6 double hexagons, this ball not only captures the essence of the original design but also enhances its performance and aesthetic qualities. The handcrafted process, from cutting each panel to stitching them together, ensures that every ball is a unique work of art.

A Unique Piece

This football is perfect for enthusiasts who appreciate the blend of traditional craftsmanship and iconic design. Whether you’re a player looking for a high-quality ball or a collector seeking a distinctive piece, the Total-90 Inspired Football is sure to meet your expectations.

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